Bags & Backpacks



We carry a great selection of surplus bags at our store, ranging from school backpacks to military bags. Need a new backpack for school? We’ve got you covered. With a ton of brands to choose from, you can purchase one of our surplus bags made for any use. Need a bag for just a weekend getaway? We’ve got the perfect bags for you. All of the bags we carry are not only durable but stylish. We carry military bags, military laundry bags, duffel bags, messenger bags, pouches and more. You are always welcome to call our store and ask to speak to a sales rep regarding a particular backpack or military bag you need.


Don’t worry these bags aren’t just for camping and outdoor activities (although they are definitely durable enough). The surplus bags we have at The Surplus Store are for everyday use as well. Whether you need a bag to carry your workout clothes in or you just need a nice backpack to help you run your errands, we have a huge selection of countless brands to choose from.


We have a huge selection of backpacks perfect for day trips and going back to school. Most parents know that nowadays, it seems as though students carry their own weight in textbooks. For this reason, it is important for students to have durable backpacks. However, we know durability usually takes a backseat for students when it comes to style. That’s why we make sure our backpacks look stylish while still being up to our quality standards. Don’t miss our yearly back-to-school backpack sale! Stop by The Surplus Store to check out all the different kinds of branded bags and backpacks we carry. Our staff is always here to help so don’t hesitate to ask one of our friendly associates for tips to find the right bag for you!