Camping Supplies


In addition to preparing for emergencies at our shop, we know that it is just as important to properly prepare for a camping trip with the right supplies. Proper camping supplies can be what prevents a great outdoor trip into a nightmare. Whether you are going trekking in the desert or hiking in the redwoods, proper preparation for a camping trip does not simply entail bringing your favorite novel and extra battery for your tablet along. When camping in the wilderness, it is essential that you bring useful supplies, such as a good backpack, knife, a reliable source of light such as a lantern, water containers, insect repellant, sunscreen, and well-fitting boots in addition to properly-insulated sleeping bags and tents. Unlike other camping shops, at The Surplus Store, you can confidently rest knowing we have the largest selection of high-end goods to meet your camping gear needs.

Brands that we carry at our store for camping supplies and survival gear include Buck Knives, Spyderco, Stansport, Fenix and Alpha Industries. From budget-minded goods to high-end products, our wide selection is here for you to choose from to match any budget.


Having proper camping supplies can make anywhere feel just as comfortable as home. With the new surge in “glamping” or “luxurious camping,” more and more people are looking for supplies that will make their tent look and feel more like their cozy home. What most people don’t know is that the luxurious tent still won’t feel comfortable without stocking yourself with essential items. From portable stoves to cast iron teapots and pans, there is nothing that gives off the “home” feeling more than a warm meal. When it comes time to lay your head to rest, our cots and camping pillows will beat sleeping on any floor. And unlike other camping stores, we provide excellent service with experienced staff.