Regardless of if you are outfitting yourself for a hunting trip, military exercise, Halloween party or Burning Man, we have an excellent selection of camouflage and pieces to put together your perfect costume.


Sometimes you just want to blend in with your surroundings. Whether or not you are hunting, tracking animals, running a military-style drill or just playing dress-up, we have a vast selection of camouflage and assorted camo gear to allow you to do exactly that. From functionality to fashion, we have what you need in order to blend in or stand out.


CostumesWhen it comes to Halloween and Burning Man, sometimes you want to build yourself the craziest costume you can imagine. We have a vast array of goods to choose from to allow you to do exactly that. Store-bought costumes can get boring. But putting together your own costume can make you stand out while still having your own personal touch to your outfit.

The environment at Burning Man can be grueling, especially when hit with dust storms and temperatures reaching up to 110 degrees. However, the environment doesn’t hold back most Burners from focusing on their aesthetics. At The Surplus Store, your Burning Man costume will be fashionable as well as functional. From our different style hats to our military jackets to shorts and canteens, you will look and feel desert ready after shopping with us. For us, more important than our customers looking good, we want to make sure everyone has what they need to survive the desert heat during the day and the bone-chilling cold at night.

We carry such brands as Eagle Crest, Raine, Rothco, Dutyman, and Fox Outdoor Products. Given our extremely wide variety of high-quality items, we have everything you need to make an awesome, long-lasting costume.