Survival Supplies

survival supplies

We Understand Preparation

At The Surplus Store, we know it is important to always be prepared during an emergency with survival supplies. Why? The answer is simple: nature is unpredictable. Given Los Angeles’ dry climate, hot weather, and frequent exposure to Santa Ana winds, it is important to prepare for fires. Given its proximity to the San Andreas Fault Line, it’s no secret that Los Angeles is also susceptible to earthquakes. Throw in the occasional tropical storm and the landslides they bring, it becomes clear preparing for emergencies is crucial. Although this might sound overwhelming, we at The Surplus Store are here to help remove stress from the equation when preparing an emergency kit.

The Need for Survival Supplies

Although it might not always be possible to stop a fire, storm, or flood from occurring, and likewise it is certainly impossible to prevent an earthquake from striking, one should always be prepared and have emergency supplies available at hand. At our survival store, we have a variety of goods readily available for you to pick and choose from to create a bag of ultimate survival supplies good for any situation. From propane stoves and packaged water to thermal blankets and flashlights, we can help you prepare in the event of an emergency. We also carry emergency kits outfitted for single, couple and family sizes. These kits include enough supplies to last anywhere from two days to two weeks.

To help you get ready, we provide an excellent selection of products for you to choose from, including tents, sleeping bags, emergency food and water, radios, waterproof matches, jackets, Swiss knives, boots, shoes, coveralls, backpacks, bags and hats. You deserve to rest well knowing that in the case of an emergency you and your loved ones are safe with our survival supplies. If you have any questions about how to prepare items for an emergency, please ask one of our sales associates.