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From Safari Hats to School Backpacks

At The Surplus Store, we have an excellent selection of hats and bags for you to choose from. Whether you need a baseball cap for an upcoming game or a duffle bag for an upcoming trip, we are sure you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Living in a climate that gets a lot of sun, it is important to always have a good hat or baseball cap nearby, or better yet, on your head. At The Surplus Store, we carry a massive number of hats and baseball caps, perfect for any use. Whether you are going on a camping trip, going fishing, or planning on spending a weekend outdoors, we have hats excellent for blocking sunlight and harmful UV radiation.

We also carry a wide selection of helmets. From hard hats to military style helmets, we have what you need to stay safe on a job site or find the final accessory for the ultimate military costume.
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All of the bags we carry are not only durable but stylish. We carry military bags, military laundry bags, duffle bags, messenger bags, pouches and more. We also have military-related accessories such as canteens and ammo cans.

We have a huge selection of backpacks perfect for day trips and going back to school. Most parents know that now-a-days, it seems as though students carry their own weight in textbooks. For this reason, it is important for students to have durable backpacks. However, we know durability usually takes a backseat for students when it comes to style. That’s why we make sure our backpacks look stylish while still being up to our quality standards. Don’t miss our yearly back-to-school backpack sale! Ask one of our associates for more information.