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The Surplus Store: Where You Find Ben Davis in West LA

Ben Davis clothing, as the companies’ slogan has proudly read for eight years, is “plenty tough”. Founded by Ben Davis in San Francisco in 1935, the work clothes brand has been a staple among construction workers, carpenters, and all sorts of folks who don’t mind working rough and getting their clothes a bit dirty. Known for its rugged construction, long lifetime and iconic gorilla logo, Ben Davis is synonymous with well-built work clothes and is respected around the United States, Japan, and the world for its excellent quality products. The company’s clothing has also been featured prominently in rap culture, where it has been embraced by such icons as Dr. Dre, and name checked by Ice Cube and the Beastie Boys.

Ben Davis: An American Classic

When you buy a Ben Davis product, you know you are getting a high-quality clothing item made from heavy duty fabric. Whether it is a shirt, pant, or shorts, Ben Davis products are designed to be relaxing in fit and long-lasting in usage. Without any question a true American classic, we are proud to carry Ben Davis clothing. Whether you need pants and shirts for work or simply want to look fashionable and wear a style that throws back to the 20th century, Ben Davis clothing is a great brand to choose. You can enjoy your Ben Davis shirt, shorts, and pants knowing that the styles have remained very much the same as they were when the company first started 80 years ago.

With a wide variety of sizes to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect fit at The Surplus Store. Try on Ben Davis clothing for yourself and you will understand why its legacy has endured so long.