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Festival girl at Coachella in California

Coachella Survival Guide 2018

In case you haven't heard, Coachella is coming! Of course you've heard. Arguably the most well-renowned music and arts festival kicks off in just a few days on April 13th! Festival goers, music fanatics and all-around fun people are gearing up for an exciting time...

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camping at big sur

Camping Paradise: Big Sur

There are few places more beautiful than California’s own Big Sur. With beaches and campgrounds, Big Sur has just about everything you’d need to enjoy a weekend outdoors. Are you into eating unique foods, hiking, swimming, lounging on the beach or just relaxing and having...

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The Year-Round Bomber Jacket Trend

A Soaring Trend Every now and then, there seems to be a fashion trend that unexpectedly hits. Its' popularity spreads everywhere without a hint or a whisper, taking a spot in many of our closets. Currently, one of the largest and “coolest” trends around is that...

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Six Famous Military Presidents

Military Presidents of the US As we celebrate Presidents’ Day this month, we want to commemorate the holiday by discussing several US presidents who either served or has played a key role in the military. Although, many of our past leaders have held a military role,...

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