3 Men’s Hats to Up Your Spring Wardrobe

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3 Men’s Hats to Up Your Spring Wardrobe

As we make our way through spring, we notice things start to change — the environment gets its green back, homes get cleaned out and fresh veggies grace seasonal menus everywhere. One of the more noticeable changes is packing away winter clothes in exchange for spring fashions and accessories. Men’s hats, in particular, are coming back in a very big way and are finding homes as regular accessories for everyday men.

With these hat styles, timeless and reminiscent of decades past, men’s fashion continues to make a push toward modernization. Here are three men’s hats you need to know about today:

Dad Hats

What goes around comes around – ain’t it the truth. The cap you swore never to like after dad made it look super geeky is now a go-to for casual-wear enthusiasts. Dad hats, deriving from the traditional baseball cap, are a 6-panel, curved rim hat that’s perfect for weekends, hanging out, and lounging with friends. Dad hats pair back well with shorts, casual button-ups and slim profile sneakers, among so many other casual styles.


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Not just for ska music lovers anymore, the fedora is back on the scene in a very heavy, bohemian kind of way. Fedoras come in all shapes and sizes but are easily recognized by their iconic crown dent, short brims, and front “pinch.” Fedoras today are being worn with very trendy looks, including pieces like distressed denim, flannels, and military or logger style boots. Fedoras add an extra layer of personality to the modern man’s outfit with an infinite array of materials, colors and sizes.

Straw Hats

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The ultimate addition to warmer-weather outfits, straw hats help to maintain a cool look while providing ventilation for your head. Straw as a material can be used for any kind of style but is a very popular material for Panama, floppy and cowboy-style hats. Straw’s natural and neutral beige color makes it a great option for a spring and summer headwear accessory because of the brighter clothing colors that are frequently worn.