Camping Paradise: Big Sur

Camping Paradise: Big Sur

Camping Paradise: Big Sur

There are few places more beautiful than California’s own Big Sur. With beaches and campgrounds, Big Sur has just about everything you’d need to enjoy a weekend outdoors. Are you into eating unique foods, hiking, swimming, lounging on the beach or just relaxing and having a peaceful time reading a book under the stars? A camping trip at Big Sur will help you achieve all of those things. Preparation is key, however, and we’ve got your Big Sur Camp Guide right here!

  • Save Your Money – Go Authentic!

Big Sur is one of the most popular destinations for anybody looking for a beautiful, relaxing and exciting adventure (which is just about everyone). Lodging, as you can imagine, is quite expensive in such a highly demanded destination. There are cabins for rent, but it may cost you more than you budgeted for!

Rather than renting a room, prepare yourself with the proper camping supplies to enjoy an authentic camping experience!

  • Campground Search

There are more than a few campgrounds in Big Sur that you’ll love. We recommend Big Sur Campground, Ventana Campground or Riverside Campground, as these are the most popular campgrounds in the area.

  • Plan Your Adventure

Fan of hiking? Well, then you should try the 10-mile hike to Sykes Hot Springs. The water is 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and it is the perfect place to relax your muscles after the 4-6 hour hiking excursion.  You better make sure you have the right pair of hiking boots!

Big Sur is a wonderful destination for you, your friends and your family to enjoy a weekend camping trip. With the right supplies, clothing and tasty food, you’ll be able to execute a successful weekend. If you’ve never been to Big Sur, or on a camping expedition in general, make sure it is at the top of your priorities list!