Hiking spots

Best Romantic Hiking Spots in Los Angeles

Valentine’s Day is only one month away. People are thinking about flowers and chocolates and teddy bears. They are planning their romantic dinners or romantic getaways. But what a lot of people don’t consider is a romantic hike. Think about it. You and your significant other are outside in nature, seeing some truly beautiful sights. Hikes don’t cost any money, and you get to spend quality time with each other. It’s a perfect win-win for everyone involved. So instead of wasting time stressing out over presents and expensive outings, consider some of the best romantic hiking spots in Los Angeles to woo your loved one. Be sure to gear up at The Surplus Store before heading out on your romantic adventure! Bridge to Nowhere Our first spot is a 10-mile trip inside the San...

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Halloween costumes

3 Things to Consider When Buying Halloween Costumes

Halloween is one of the few times during the year where figuring what cape to wear doesn't sound silly. Whether you're young or just young at heart, finding the right Halloween costumes can be a big deal for a variety of reasons. Getting a costume for your child's trick or treating adventures, or an office party isn't always as easy as it seems. You need to keep certain factors in mind when shopping for that perfect costume. The Surplus Store in West LA has been the one-stop for surplus & camping goods since 1946. We also offer some of the best Halloween costumes and options you'll find anywhere. That's why we've also come up with 3 things to consider when buying Halloween costumes. 1. Consider the Setting Are you getting a child's costume...

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New Year

The Survival Supplies You Need to Start the New Year

With the New Year comes new ambitions, and with your upcoming adventures, it’s a good time to invest in some survival supplies. Hiking, camping, excursions to new places – these all involve you being exposed to the elements for a given amount of time. In doing any of the previous options, it’s good to have the supplies you need to keep you safe, nourished and ready for anything nature may throw your way. Here are a few essential survival supplies to have on hand going into the rest of 2019! Something to Start a Fire Utilizing a fire for warmth and food is something that humans have been doing for a LONG time, so proper tools for starting one safely are essential for survival situations. You have a few options when starting...

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Creative Halloween costumes

Creative Halloween Costumes

The best Halloween costume ideas are creative ones. Anyone can order a costume online – but how about going as an '80s movie heartthrob? How about dressing up as a character from a cult classic or going as a character that is immediately recognizable but that no one would think to do? That’s where gold is at. Go with creative Halloween costumes, not boring ones, and if you are running low on ideas, we’ve got your back. Here are some creative Halloween costumes, all of which you can make at The Surplus Store.   '80s Movies Love the 80s? Love cheesy bromance? Look no further than Top Gun. This costume works on a lot of levels, not least of which is that everyone loves Top Gun. If you want to go with a more...

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Helpful Ideas For Your Holiday Care Package For Your Deployed Loved One

Helpful Ideas for Your Holiday Care Package

Send Your Deployed Service Member a Care Package The military holiday care package narrative is about deployed service members receiving personal packages in the mail from their loved ones back home. For the brave men and women who will be overseas and deployed during the holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, they will be monumentally grateful for anything that would be sent their way. Figuring out and choosing the contents to send in your holiday care package will be instrumental in helping you feel a lot closer to your loved ones. It'll be tough for deployed military members to be away from their friends and family throughout the holidays, so it's paramount to decide on the things that you can and should mail to military personnel in foreign destinations. Here are...

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To Assemble the Perfect Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes...Come Into Our Store!

Assembling the Perfect Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

Come to The Surplus Store for last-minute DIY Halloween costumes! We have great costume ideas that you can put together at our store with ease. If you haven't gathered any ideas so far, you can be assured that with our variety of costumes and uniforms, you can have a unique costume in no time. Being the largest surplus store in West Los Angeles, we are here to help you sift through our massive selection of outfits and accessories to help you with last-minute DIY Halloween costumes. DIY at The Surplus Store When going about shopping for a Halloween costume, you have three options, buying an outfit at your local costume store, online, or putting your own creation together. If you buy it at a costume store you should be aware of a...

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The Last-Minute Christmas Gifts That Will Be Perfect For Your Loved One

The Perfect Last-Minute Christmas Gift for Your Loved One

Something for Everybody: Last-Minute Christmas Gift The perfect last-minute Christmas gift can be found just around the corner on Venice blvd. in Southern California. The Surplus Store is a low cost, affordable, family-owned and operated, camping and military surplus store that may be the exact place you need when looking for a meaningful gift this year. According to our calendars, that special holiday of giving is near; shoppers are scrambling to pick up the best gifts for their friends and family. We may be busy with work and planning events and trips that could pit us with a limited time to shop for gifts. Many shoppers panic on what to get for their loved ones, if you're one of them, don't worry. We’re a large surplus store in the West LA region...

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Wear Your American Pride Out Loud For July 4th

Wear Your American Pride for July 4th

Can't Wait for This Day In the United States, the 4th of July is the American holiday that we may cherish the most. It is OUR holiday, shared by no other nation outside of the US. As we joyfully celebrate the birth of America, we shouldn't be shy about how much American pride we show. Before the 4th of July, make a stop at the Surplus Store, where you'll discover the perfect accessories and products to get you more excited. What's in Store for You Located in the Venice, West LA area; our store specializes in providing affordable outdoor/emergency/camping supplies, school supplies, uniforms, clothes and many more goods for your daily use. America and the military are what we honor most, so if you're looking to go big for July 4th; take a...

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A Father and Son Camping Trip The Perfect Gift

A Father and Son Camping Trip: The Perfect Gift

An Incredible Bonding Experience For young men, the first camping experience outdoors should feel like the ultimate adventure and maybe even the first excursion into maturity. This first adventure is also often introduced and shared in the company of their fathers. A father and son camping trip has all the elements to make up a terrific bonding experience. Since we are in the midst of the summer season and Father's Day is around the corner, we feel like this would be an opportune time to discuss how to conduct the ultimate father and son camping trip. Where You Should Go Los Angeles County is home to many magnificent parks; great in providing campsites for kids, teens, and their fathers. So, it is first important to pick the campsite before anything else. If a...

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Discover The Perfect Christmas Gift Before Its Too Late

Discover the Perfect Christmas Gift

Christmas on a Shoestring It is now December. In parts of this country, the ground is white, the snow is falling, and the wind is whistling. But here in California, the sun still shines bright along with the cool, calm air. These are all signs that we are smack down in the middle of winter, which of course symbolizes that Christmas is near. Many people tend to scramble last minute to get their presents in time for the holiday, not entirely sure what kind of presents they should get and what kind of budget they want to spend. Are you on a shoestring budget this Christmas? If so, don't fret. Since we are one of the largest surplus stores in West Coast LA, our collection of camping supplies, accessories, jackets, outfits,...

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