Coachella Survival Guide 2018

Coachella Survival Guide 2018

Coachella Survival Guide 2018

In case you haven’t heard, Coachella is coming! Of course, you’ve heard. Arguably the most well-renowned music and arts festival kicks off in just a few days on April 13th! Festival-goers, music fanatics and all-around fun people are gearing up for an exciting time in sunny Indio, California. With a lineup of top acts from a variety of genres, talented artists, beautiful weather and your closest crew of friends, this festival is sure to be the highlight of your year! Making it a successful, exciting and safe experience requires some planning and preparation, though, and we’ve got you covered in that aspect.

Prepare for the Coachella Valley Sun

Any event that takes place outdoors in California will likely feature heavy dosages of sun rays. Coachella is no exception, and that’s okay! It’s more fun when you’re in the sun. However, you need to stay prepared so that you can enjoy the sun rather than fight against it. Keeping a backpack of supplies such as sunscreen, sun shades and protective clothing will give you an advantage. Wearing a hat will help protect your head and your eyes, too. Stay prepared!

Stay Hydrated

As mentioned, the sun will be at work in Indio at Coachella. Make sure that you’re hydrated at all times, and that doesn’t mean that your drinking should only consist of “adult beverages”. Carrying around water bottles and constantly refilling or buying more can be a hassle. Find a unique solution such as a hydro pack or large camping cantine to assist you in your need to keep the hydration flowing. You don’t want to suffer from overheating or dehydration while everybody else is having fun, and you definitely don’t want your health to be at risk during a time that is supposed to be the best event of your year!

In Case of Emergency

Committing to staying away from home at a festival in which hundreds of thousands of people will be attending is a big deal. Emergency scenarios can occur at any given time. Injuries or symptoms of a virus can pop up and if you get ahead of treatment you may be able to properly solve the problem. Keeping a medical emergency kit is a smart precaution to take in any sort of away-from-home trip, and Coachella fits the bill. The hectic nature of the event alone opens up possibilities, so be careful and stay prepped!

Have Some Fun at Coachella!

In the midst of keeping prepared for potential emergencies, don’t forget to have a little bit of fun while you’re out there! Relax and enjoy all of the sounds, visuals and people. You will see things that you never even dreamed of at Coachella, and including yourself in that fun is the only way to maximize your experience. Of course, you could go with a costume and really stand out, or you could simply observe the many different spectacles. At the end of the day, you’re there to have an excellent time. Don’t hold back!

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