A Father and Son Camping Trip: The Perfect Gift

A Father and Son Camping Trip The Perfect Gift

A Father and Son Camping Trip: The Perfect Gift

An Incredible Bonding Experience

For young men, the first camping experience outdoors should feel like the ultimate adventure and maybe even the first excursion into maturity. This first adventure is also often introduced and shared in the company of their fathers. A father and son camping trip has all the elements to make up a terrific bonding experience. Since we are in the midst of the summer season and Father’s Day is around the corner, we feel like this would be an opportune time to discuss how to conduct the ultimate father and son camping trip.

Where You Should Go

Los Angeles County is home to many magnificent parks; great in providing campsites for kids, teens, and their fathers. So, it is first important to pick the campsite before anything else. If a father decides to take his child son out to camp, there are several good kid-friendly campsites for him to enjoy. From Sycamore Canyon to the Mojave National Preserve, these developed campsites will be safe and equipped with paved trails, easy hikes, picnic tables, and calm waters. If a dad wants to go “camping, camping” with his older son, then LA certainly has campsites like that.

Take Away the Distractions

In this day of high mobile usage and constant tweeting, Instagramming and Snapchatting; kids are easily distracted, preventing them from participating in the actual camping. Fathers should limit or take away all phones to ensure a real camping experience. It would be a highly satisfying feeling to turn everything off and just enjoy nature and the company of another.

The Time to Bond

As a father and son embark on the road trip to the campsite, time is offered for them to connect or re-connect with each other. Once at the campsite, there will be even more opportunities for them to hang out and converse. Hiking, fishing and campfires offer plenty of quiet, bonding time. This is an opportunity for a father to forward his wisdom and guidance to his young son (i.e. how to use a pocket knife, a compass, tie basic knots, make a fire, cook in the woods, build a tent, fish, etc.). Much interaction and connection could be done at the campsite.

Lessons of Hard Work

Camping is also a chance for a father to mold his son into the man he is going to be. Skill, endurance, patience and critical thinking are all tested on a young man when he’s stuck in nature’s world. If you’re a dad, allow your son to participate and maybe lead in the labor work of camping. From cleaning up the site, washing the dishes, finding wood for the fire, to grabbing water; this can help set up the expectations for your child when he gets older.

Don’t Forget the Supplies



All in all, the result that you wish to have is an unforgettable experience between a father and son that they both can share for the remainder of their lifetimes. The Surplus Store promotes camping experiences like this and can also supply you with the goods you will need. Flashlights, tents, sleeping bags, rain gear, fishing gear, pots, canteens, and lanterns are just a few of many essential tools for camping that are available at The Surplus Store. Before your ultimate father and son camping trip begins, make sure to stop by to get what you need. Be safe, have, and happy Father’s Day!