The Perfect Last-Minute Christmas Gift for Your Loved One

The Last-Minute Christmas Gifts That Will Be Perfect For Your Loved One

The Perfect Last-Minute Christmas Gift for Your Loved One

Something for Everybody: Last-Minute Christmas Gift

The perfect last-minute Christmas gift can be found just around the corner on Venice blvd. in Southern California. The Surplus Store is a low cost, affordable, family-owned and operated, camping and military surplus store that may be the exact place you need when looking for a meaningful gift this year. According to our calendars, that special holiday of giving is near; shoppers are scrambling to pick up the best gifts for their friends and family. We may be busy with work and planning events and trips that could pit us with a limited time to shop for gifts.

Many shoppers panic on what to get for their loved ones, if you’re one of them, don’t worry. We’re a large surplus store in the West LA region with many potential last-minute gifts for your loved one. The main difference between us and many other stores is that we carry items that people may need, not only frivolous things. Here are the types of people who would benefit the most from The Surplus Store and the last-minute Christmas gifts that you can find.

Military Members, Aficionados and Veterans



The nucleus of our store consists of a plethora of military accessories and apparel. We carry products that are designed for the armed forces, thus they are all sturdy, tough, and reliable. Whether your loved one is part of the general public who loves military clothing, or you want to surprise your veteran grandfather with pins, military hats and gear that could remind him of his brave service; there’s something meaningful for everyone who has a heart for our country and the armed forces. Here, you’ll find the best material in trousers, combat boots, camouflage wear, military shirts, headgear, uniforms, pants, pins and patches.

Hiking Enthusiasts





One thing about Los Angeles is that there is an abundance of beautiful mountain and nature hikes when you venture outside our metropolis. Thus, there are many climbers, hikers and backpackers residing here and they’ll need the gear and the materials to be well taken care of in their journey. From backpacks, canteens, shoes, bandanas, rope, to sand goggles, our supplies not only are what every backpacker or hiker is looking for, but they’re durable so they last longer than most other gifts.

Camping Enthusiasts



Shoppers who love to camp will be right at home inside our store. For all the necessary tools, tents and accessories, you’ll find the survival items that you usually wouldn’t find at a normal retail store. You’ll be getting the best quality in kitchenware, Swiss army knives, bug repellent, survival knives, sleeping bags, flashlights, radios, bags and tents.

When You’re Loved One Hates the Cold


It’s winter season and even though Southern California doesn’t experience much snowfall, the temperatures still drop drastically. Luckily, we carry durable and reliable jackets and coats to battle the cold, the rain, and the snow if you decide to travel up the mountains. Bomber jackets, peacoats, and jackets from Carhartt, Dickies, just to name a few, our cold-weather wear will be insulated, windproof, and rainproof.

Time to Shop for a Last-Minute Christmas Gift

Christmas is arriving in a matter of days, so for all your last-minute shopping, The Surplus Store will have the products and accessories at a reasonable price all year long! Find us at 10341 Venice Blvd in Los Angeles. We hope you can find the best last-minute Christmas gift here.