Our Top 5 Spring Camping Tips

Our Top 5 Spring Camping Tips

Spring camping season is just around the corner, so that means it’s time to hit the great outdoors! Every season comes equipped with its own camping challenges. For those of you who skip the camping grounds and dive headfirst into the wilderness, this one’s for you. Listen up for some tried-and-true tips that will keep your trip safe, happy, and fun!

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Don’t Overpack

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s really easy to take more than you can reasonably carry. Because you’ll likely be carrying your own gear for miles before reaching your campsite, we strongly recommend being choosy with your clothes, packing lightweight gear and items only. Think about how many days you’ll be camping, and pack accordingly.

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Make a Checklist

Making a checklist will keep you from overpacking, and ensure that you only bring the essentials. This is a good spring camping checklist that you can reference. For solo trips, you’ll have to carry more on your back because there won’t be other people with you to share the load. Just keep that in mind!

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Check the Weather

Once you know where you want to camp, check the weather for the area and pick the days with the least amount of rain, snow, and wind! The path of least resistance is the best way to go when the weather is concerned. This will also tell you what kinds of clothes to bring and if you should consider packing a rain-proof tarp for your tent. Just in case. Spring camping season weather can be unpredictable!

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Beware of Bears

So, animals are just coming out of hibernation in the springtime. Sometimes, those critters are pretty dangerous. Make sure that you bear-proof your campsite by putting all of your food in government-approved bear-proof containers and put them in bear bags. Next, you’ll want to hide your food in a place that most people wouldn’t try. We recommend hiding your food in a bush near camp or in a different tree than the one that everyone hangs their bear bag in.  Don’t leave any food in your tent! We know that people get snacky in the middle of the night, but so do bears. That means no hard candy and chewing gum, too.

The last thing you want is for a hungry, curious brown bear to stumble into your campsite because he liked the smell of your campfire hotdogs, so set your campfire 100 yards downwind from wherever you decide to sleep.

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Pack Comfortable, Tough, Weather-Proof Shoes

Make sure that you pack shoes that will keep you comfortable on a seven-mile hike. Whether you pick your favorite, sturdy pair of hiking boots or your comfortable sneakers with awesome treads, just make sure that they’re waterproof. You don’t want to accidentally step in a puddle and get soggy socks and wet feet. At the Surplus Store, we’ve got a great selection of steel-toe boots that will definitely do the trick!

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Bring a Map and Compass

Make sure you plan your hike to camp carefully and draw it out on a paper map. You may not have cell service so deep in the wilderness, so the paper map is a good backup plan just in case. Keep your eyes peeled for any trail markers so that you can keep track of your geographical location at all times.