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Winter Excursions For Your Winter Gear

Winter Excursions for Your Winter Gear

Put that Winter Gear to the Test Although now in the depths of our Southern California winter the sun might not be shining as much as youโ€™d like, be thankful we donโ€™t experience the blistering cold and snow like the rest of our country does. The inner-explorer in you is probably itching to explore some of the beautiful wilderness we have surrounding our region, whether you know it or not. This winter, take the time to seize the season and go camping or hiking in one or all of these temperate locales suitable for all-day camping and overnight camping. After all, when summer rolls around, it will be too hot to enjoy doing so! Just donโ€™t forget to get your proper winter gear before you do. Joshua Tree National Park Located a couple...

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Winter Jackets and Coats

The Winter Jackets and Coats that You Need

Jackets and Coats that Will Protect You With the impending El Nino and the peak of the winter season hitting us, the time is here to find the perfect winter jackets and coatsย to confront the unpredictable rainy and breezy season that weโ€™re in the midst of. It is essential to have the right jacket that can fight off the cold as well as be fashionable at a low cost. Locate our service at the Surplus Store in Venice and find the right material for you. Here in this blog, weโ€™ll break down five different types of winterย jackets and coats that will keep you dry and warm. Heavy Jacket This thick, heavy-duty chore coat from Carhartt is specialized for workwear such as construction and other on-the-field duties. If you are looking for something that...

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Discover The Perfect Christmas Gift Before Its Too Late

Discover the Perfect Christmas Gift

Christmas on a Shoestring It is now December. In parts of this country, the ground is white, the snow is falling, and the wind is whistling. But here in California, the sun still shines bright along with the cool, calm air. These are all signs that we are smack down in the middle of winter, which of course symbolizes that Christmas is near. Many people tend to scramble last minute to get their presents in time for the holiday, not entirely sure what kind of presents they should get and what kind of budget they want to spend. Are you on a shoestring budget this Christmas? If so, don't fret. Since we are one of the largest surplus stores in West Coast LA, our collection of camping supplies, accessories, jackets, outfits,...

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Veterans Day In Los Angeles A Guide

Veterans Day In Los Angeles: A Guide

Howย You Can Help This Wednesday, Nov. 11, is Veterans Day in Los Angeles and across the country. It is a holiday dedicated to honoring all of our veterans who bravely served the United States by joining the armed forces. Throughout times of peace and times of war, these veterans did all they could to help protect and strengthen our nation. Regardless of your stance on domestic or foreign policy, our veterans deserve our admiration and gratitude. Although there are many reasons to honor and celebrate our veterans, unfortunately, they do not get all the recognition or assistance they deserve. Thankfully, there are many things that you, your friends, neighbors and family can do to help honor our veterans and express your gratitude for the dedication they have shown for our community and country. Here...

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