Spring Hikes in Los Angeles

Spring Hikes in Los Angeles

Spring Hikes in Los Angeles

Spring Hikes in Los Angeles

Take this time to enjoy all the spring hikes in Los Angeles. Whether you have the full week off or only a free weekend day to spend outdoors, it is important to escape the city and explore the outdoors. Doing so is scientifically proven to help you lose weight, reduce stress, and improve happiness. Regardless of the ample benefits, we’ve compiled a list of five of our favorite locations and trails for your spring hikes in Los Angeles.

1.Malibu Creek State Park

Nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains and accessible by Mulholland Highway, Malibu Creek State Park is one of the most fabulous recreation areas accessible to denizens of Los Angeles county. Containing a swimming hall, beautiful sprawling fields, groves of old oak trees, and even the site where the show M*A*S*H was filmed, there is no shortage of hiking trails, mountains, and sensational overlooks to enjoy.

2. Sandstone Peak

Standing at a marvelous 3,114 feet, Sandstone Peak is renowned for being the tallest mountain in the Santa Monica Mountains. It is also a beautiful hiking trail, where one can catch blooming wildflowers, indigenous plants, and catch sight of all sorts of birds. At the summit, the hike offers a beautiful vista of the Santa Monica Mountain range. However, be sure to bring lots of water—there is not much shelter from the sun, and water is always an essential ingredient for safe hiking. To start the trail, arrive at Circle X Ranch.

3.  Solstice Canyon Loop Trail

The Solstice Canyon Loop Trail is an exquisite hike in Malibu that takes you through the grotto of the Santa Monica Mountains to the ruins of American architect Paul Williams’ home. The trail also features an all-year waterfall and amazing views of the ocean. It is a leisurely hike of about 2.5 miles and is perfectly suitable for children.

4. Griffith Park’s Old Zoo and Bee Rock Trail

Did you know that Griffith Park is home to the ruins of the old LA Zoo? And that they are open to the public for exploring? One of Los Angeles’ most endearing hikes, one can hike from the parking lot near Griffith Park’s Merry-Go-Round to the old LA Zoo site. After exploring the tiger and elephant cages, you can make your way up a trail of about two miles to the top of Bee Rock. From here, you will have an incredible view of Los Angeles. Griffith Park is also host to many different hiking trails, each offering amazing vistas to the daring adventurer.

5. Hike the Hollywood Sign Trail

You know the Hollywood Sign that towers over all of Los Angeles, day and night? There are multiple hikes that reach this monument which stands atop Mount Lee, and the trail starting at Canyon Drive is our favorite. From Franklin, drive north until you reach a modest parking lot inside Griffith Park. From here, head out on foot. You should see a locked gate, which is where the trail begins—a dirt continuation of Canyon Drive.

Stay on this path as it ascends. After 1.8 miles, make a left at a 3-way intersection. At 2.3 miles, stay right at the next intersection. From here, if you want to reach the Hollywood Sign and the top of Mount Lee, make a right for the final incline. Enjoy the view, hang out for a while, replenish energy, and head back down when you’re ready! It’ll be one of several Spring hikes in Los Angeles to remember!

Gear for Spring Hikes

For all of your hiking gear needed for any of your next spring hikes in Los Angeles, we at The Surplus Store can help. Whether it is sun-protected hats, water bottles, sunscreen or more; we are here for you.