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Wear Your American Pride Out Loud For July 4th

Wear Your American Pride for July 4th

Can't Wait for This Day In the United States, the 4th of July is the American holiday that we may cherish the most. It is OUR holiday, shared by no other nation outside of the US. As we joyfully celebrate the birth of America, we shouldn't be shy about how much American pride we show. Before the 4th of July, make a stop at the Surplus Store, where you'll discover the perfect accessories and products to get you more excited. What's in Store for You Located in the Venice, West LA area; our store specializes in providing affordable outdoor/emergency/camping supplies, school supplies, uniforms, clothes and many more goods for your daily use. America and the military are what we honor most, so if you're looking to go big for July 4th; take a...

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