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Questions to ask when choosing a backpack

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Backpack

Whether you are carrying textbooks, all your camping gear or your laptop and charged, having a sturdy backpack is essential. You want to make sure your backpack doesn’t drag you down and instead helps you with your load, whatever it may be. There are four questions you should consider before going out and buying a backpack. What Kind of Backpack Should I Get? There are literally backpacks for anyone and any purpose. You could get a hiking one for those outdoor trips to help alleviate carrying all your equipment. You might be considering a versatile rolling backpack or a lightweight and portable laptop bag. You could also be thinking about a stylish canvas bag. Ask yourself how often you will use the bag and for what purpose. For example, you should probably avoid a...

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How to Survive and Enjoy Burning Man 2019

Easily one of The Surplus Store’s favorite times of the year is upon us once again—Burning Man 2019. In the past, we talked to you about the festival’s history and various past themes, along with apparel essentials to best prepare you for this year’s bizarre festival located in Black Rock City, Nevada. But this year, we want to help you survive Burning Man 2019. Yes, survive. As much of a fun and surreal experience it can be, it is a physically and mentally exhausting sensory overload, filled with challenging art installations and of course, sand—and lots of it. With Burning Man 2019 just two weeks away, peep these tips to ensure you survive your first ever encounter with the mythical Burning Man festival. Hydration This one is a given and yet for...

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Men's hats

3 Men’s Hats to Up Your Spring Wardrobe

As we make our way through spring, we notice things start to change -- the environment gets its green back, homes get cleaned out, and fresh veggies grace seasonal menus everywhere. One of the more noticeable changes is packing away winter clothes in exchange for spring fashions and accessories. Men’s hats, in particular, are coming back in a very big way and are finding homes as regular accessories for everyday men. With these hat styles, timeless and reminiscent of decades past, men’s fashion continues to make a push toward modernization. Here are three men’s hats you need to know about today: Dad Hats What goes around comes around – ain’t it the truth. The cap you swore never to like after dad made it look super geeky is now a go-to for casual-wear...

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