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Military Women Veterans Who Made An Impact on US History

Military Women Veterans Who Made an Impact

It’s another month, and this time, it’s National Women’s History Month! This title is dedicated to the many brave and strong women in the past who have sought to battle through inequality in society, break down barriers and pave a path for future generations to soar without resistance. To commemorate this month, we want to use this blog to honor some of the military women veterans who served for the US and distinguished themselves and help make a better future for women in the military. While we know many men in the military who had heroic roles during the past wars, there are a number of military women veterans who deserve a spotlight as well. Ann E. Dunwoody [caption id="attachment_50818" align="aligncenter" width="402"] pc: Encylopedia Britannica[/caption]   One of the most decorated military women veterans...

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