Top 5 Essentials for Music Festivals

Top 5 Essentials for Music Festivals

Top 5 Essentials for Music Festivals

Festival Essentials 

For pop-culture and music enthusiasts, summer only means one thing…the season of music festivals! The music festival season is the time to get-together with old and new friends, splurge on extravagant outfits, and show off your best dance moves! Before any of this can take place, however, there are some festival essentials you must have.

Preparation before the fun has always been a stressful factor for most people; whether it is finalizing your group of festies (aka besties), situating your stay, buying and correlating matching outfits, or gathering affordable survival kits. Planning a getaway takes time, and planning so let’s dive right into the 5 festival essentials you need to makes sure you have an awesome time.

So with our guidance and suggestions on what top five essentials you’ll need, we hope to ease your “fe-stress” (festival stress) before the peak of the season begins!

1. Portable Chargers

Save yourself from angst and mark off the most important essential: a portable charger(s)! You’ll be using your phone majority of the festival, for recording sets and taking selfies, so a portable battery pack is essential! It’ll also help keep you safe in case you get separated from the pack. Trying to find your friends at a festival with a dead phone is a nightmare and one you can definitely avoid!


2. Hydration Packs

It’s inconvenient to leave between sets to get water. Adding a hydration pack to your checklist will spare you that time. Soaking in high temperatures for long periods can lead to serious heat illness. Hence why it’s imperative to take precautions and stay hydrated! Don’t want to spend money on costly hydration packs? The Surplus Store has some really great, cost-effective bags that you can use to carry around water and the rest of the essentials on this list.


3. First Aid Kits

The capacity at music festivals is massive and at times, unpredictably impacted, so it’s best to prepare yourself from unforeseen scrapes and cuts with a small first aid kit.


4. A Retrospective Piece to Your Outfit

The evolution of music spawns the feeling of time travel. As genres and variations of musical instruments continue to integrate throughout the years, adding a retrospective piece to your outfit only makes sense. Let’s think. What clothing style has made an incredible comeback within these last few years? Answer: Overalls.
Overalls are known to be a childhood staple and memorabilia, but lately, in pop-culture, it has made a spinning comeback in fashion for both men and women.

Here are two examples of how to style this hot new trend:

For women: A short sleeve, low-top blouse would make an easy breezy accommodation with the blazing hot weather. Also, it gives free space on their arms and shoulders for those that love to decorate their skin with flash tattoos!



For men: Complex Magazine suggested overalls should be worn with a simple under-shirt: either a solid-colored T-shirt or one with a subtle graphic design. Although we agree with their input, we also think it would not match the spirit of the season. Try Will Smith’s unique combination: a multicolor 90’s pattern shirt with light blue overalls, it demonstrates the retrospective look and illuminates the high-energy and vibrant feel of the season!



5. Hat/Headscarf

Lastly, selecting a fashionable hat or headscarf will top off your ensemble for the weekend! Step out of your comfort, go lavish and continue to protect yourself from the scorching sun. Take Bustle’s advice, “No matter what your personal style” is, “Leave the flower crowns at home and seal your music festival hairstyle with some form of headgear”.



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