Winter Excursions for Your Winter Gear

Winter Excursions For Your Winter Gear

Winter Excursions for Your Winter Gear

Put that Winter Gear to the Test

Although now in the depths of our Southern California winter the sun might not be shining as much as you’d like, be thankful we don’t experience the blistering cold and snow like the rest of our country does. The inner-explorer in you is probably itching to explore some of the beautiful wilderness we have surrounding our region, whether you know it or not. This winter, take the time to seize the season and go camping or hiking in one or all of these temperate locales suitable for all-day camping and overnight camping. After all, when summer rolls around, it will be too hot to enjoy doing so! Just don’t forget to get your proper winter gear before you do.

Joshua Tree National Park

Located a couple hours southeast of Los Angeles, Joshua Tree National Park is a beautiful destination excellent for hiking and camping during winter. Consisting of two separate and distinct deserts belonging to the Mojave and the Colorado Desert, it is an amazingly-diverse destination equipped with ancient, otherworldly rock formations great for climbing, beautiful fauna and a massive wilderness area waiting for you and your party to explore. During the summer, temperatures regularly exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. However, in winter, it is normally during the ’50s during the day- perfect for day-long excursions. Take note: at night, temperatures can dip below freezing. Thus, make sure to stock up on sub-zero clothing and camping supplies before attempting to stay overnight at one of 9 campsites or via backcountry camping.

Death Valley Memorial Park

Often flaunted as the hottest place in the United States with temperatures reaching up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer, Death Valley Memorial Park is a splendid, mild destination during the immediate months ahead. Spreading across California and Nevada in the Mojave Desert and Great Basin, Death Valley is a must-see destination for the explorer and camper in you. Including rocks over 1.7 billion years old to explore and being a designated dark-sky preserve free of light pollution, there is no shortage of breathtaking sights to see.

Although the trek out here is quite far, being nearly 300 miles north of Los Angeles, you are truly going to want to stay as long as possible here. Thankfully, the weather rarely exceeds the mid 60’s during the day and high 30’s at night. Nonetheless, if you are determined to make the trek out, make sure you stock up on proper camping gear and insulated clothing for the nights ahead.

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

Located in Southern California’s Colorado Desert, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is the largest state park in California and the second-largest in the mainland U.S. continent. Covered in natural springs, oases, badlands, and desert plains, there is no shortage of sights to see. Anza-Borrego is also home to a wide diversity of animal species, including bighorn sheep, roadrunners, birds of prey, and more. There is also no shortage of campgrounds from which to make ventures throughout the park. However, the weather can get quite chilly, dipping into the low 40’s or below. Although sub-zero temperatures are rare, you should still come fully dressed and prepared for the cold.

Winter Gear and Supplies for You

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