Winter Jackets and Coats

The Winter Jackets and Coats that You Need

Jackets and Coats that Will Protect You

With the impending El Nino and the peak of the winter season hitting us, the time is here to find the perfect winter jackets and coats to confront the unpredictable rainy and breezy season that we’re in the midst of. It is essential to have the right jacket that can fight off the cold as well as be fashionable at a low cost. Locate our service at the Surplus Store in Venice and find the right material for you. Here in this blog, we’ll break down five different types of winter jackets and coats that will keep you dry and warm.

Heavy Jacket


This thick, heavy-duty chore coat from Carhartt is specialized for workwear such as construction and other on-the-field duties. If you are looking for something that you can wear at work while keeping you warm and looking semi-fashionable, then this is the jacket is for you. The brand itself has a proven reputation for building strong clothes that would hold up through a lot of wear and tear. Since founded in Detroit 1889, Carhartt clothes were catered for railroad workers and now is used by countless construction workers daily. The ideal jacket to stay comfortable and work in rough conditions.

Flight Jacket


If there was a jacket that “the little boy” in you has always wanted, it would be this one. Whether you want to wear something for the rain and the cold or if you just want to look slick, the MA-1 Navy Fighter Pilot Jacket from Alpha Industries is the one you want. Since its inception in the 1950s, this was the first military flight jacket to cross over into public fashion. The nylon jacket can withstand low temperatures from 14-50 degrees with 100% wool knit collar, waistband, and cuffs.

The Raincoat


The yellow raincoat, that is. This waterproof coat is designed to protect oneself from hard rainfall or a rainstorm. Typically, many raincoats are colored in yellow because it is eye-popping and noticeable in the rain or if you have fallen overboard. An ideal garb for fishermen and sailors working in the rain or a storm. Construction workers also wear a variation of this raincoat as well. At The Surplus Store, you will discover many different variations of the yellow raincoat including heavy-duty, laminated, industrial, commercial, and nylon.

Insulated Jacket


Dickie’s Insulated Eisenhower Jacket is the perfect pick for your collection of winter jackets and coats. Dickie’s is an excellent clothing brand that excels in workwear material, whose products are made to be comfortable, look good on the wearer, and be durable for a long period of time. Composed from a quilted nylon and foam lining, this jacket is also equipped with adjustable waist tabs and interior and exterior pockets. One of the most popular jackets from the Dickie’s brand; feels lightweight, but gives efficient warm wear.

The Pea Coat


A sure and reliable form of winter clothing, the pea coat (or the pilot jacket) takes the cake as one of the most popular and fashionable outer coats that you could wear in the season. Its origin dates from military roots as it was initially worn by European sailors and later US Navy members. Usually, the coat is composed of heavy wool and nylon, it is typically short, hemmed with vertical or slash pockets, and is always double-breasted. For increased warmth, flip up the lapel and button all the way to the top in order to prevent incoming winter drafts. The pea coat that we offer in-store is made from the Alpha Industries, a reliable brand in vintage jackets, parkas, and field coats.

Good for Work and Play

Distinctly, all of the above winter jackets and coats have their own specific use in the cold and the rain. While you’re working or walking in winter and rain, these great items of clothing will protect you. From Carhartt to Dickies to Alpha Industries to Ben Davis- The Surplus Store will have the necessary clothing that will protect you from harsh weather as you work or if you simply go for a stroll. Not only that, but you could also look pretty good wearing them, too (minus the yellow raincoat, unless that’s your style). Visit our store in Venice to find these wonderful winter jackets and coats and more!