Carhartt Surplus

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We at The Surplus Store are pleased to carry a large selection of Carhartt clothes and workwear as a Carhartt surplus. Carhartt clothes are built to last, utilize heavy duty materials, and use proven construction methods, all to help you look and feel great in any demanding occasion.

Carhartt: 126 years and counting of high-quality work wear and clothing

Founded right outside Detroit in 1889, Carhartt has delivered high-quality work wear and clothes for a countless number of workers since the company’s inception. Carhartt originally designed its clothes to cater to railroad workers who obviously needed well-built clothing that would hold up to a lot of wear. However, as time went on, Carhartt innovated its clothing more and more, including the incorporation of thicker materials, the strategic usage of rivets to increase the lifespan of products, and the implementation of more modern styles and cuts of clothing. Today, Carhartt has been worn by millions and continues to be embraced by the newest generation of workers and wearers. Still gaining prominence in American culture, Carhartt jackets were notably featured in Christopher Nolan’s 2014 blockbuster film Interstellar.

Carhartt is not only known for making clothing that is high-quality and long lasting, but also for making clothing that is both versatile and comfortable to wear. Yes, you can definitely wear Carhartt clothes on the job and know that they will boldly stand up to any task you throw at it. You will also feel great and enjoy a wide range of motion—crucial to getting any job well done. However, Carhartt clothing is also widely recognized as a hardworking, fashionable brand—in a sense, wearing Carhartt tells other people you are a hardworking, dependable person. The bottom line is, if you want clothing that is comfortable, versatile, stylish, and affordable, there is perhaps no better clothing brand to turn to. Come check out the Carhartt surplus selection we have at West LA’s The Surplus Store.