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Dickies Surplus: The Go-To Brand for all of your Work Wear Needs

As a Dickies surplus, we have a massive selection of Dickies clothes perfect for all of your work-related needs. Our inventory includes many types of Dickies work clothing, and we are happy to announce we also carry Dickies medical clothing too. Whether it is a standard work uniform, khakis, or medical clothes (otherwise known as scrubs), Dickies is an excellent brand of clothing with an extensive history that you can trust. At our Dickies surplus, Dickies clothes last a long time, look great, fit very well and are extremely comfortable to wear. This however does not have to come at a high cost. Dickies are also one of the most affordable clothing and accessory brands on the market!

History of Dickies

Not only does Dickies make amazing clothes, but they have an interesting history as well. Dickies is an American company located in Texas that was founded in 1918. Originally limited to only work clothing for use in the field, during World War II, Dickies manufactured millions of military uniforms as part of the war effort. Since then, the company has expanded its services to all over the world, including most notably the Middle East, where Dickies work uniforms are reliably utilized by oil field workers. Dickies products are known for both their versatility as well their extensive durability. Today the company sells not only traditional work clothes but also backpacks, boots, belts, and more. Likewise, the Dickies medical line is used throughout the medical profession— regardless of the industry, people just love Dickies clothing. If you try any Dickies clothing on at our Dickies surplus, we are sure you will love the way they fit, feel and look too. For the best Dickies clothing in Los Angeles stop by the Surplus Store today.