About Us



The Surplus Store has served the local Venice and West Los Angeles community for many generations, all while remaining family owned and operated. Founded in 1946 by the current owner’s great-grandfather in the wake of World War II, the store originally specialized in carrying surplus aircraft parts. One of our earliest patrons, the aviation tycoon Howard Hughes, used to frequent our first warehouse. Over the years, the inventory was expanded to include emergency supplies, military clothes, military patches, military pins, tents and other camping gear, jackets, shirts and many other items. In 1978, the company moved down the street to their current location, still remaining in their West LA home.

Throughout the many changes that have occurred around them, The Surplus Store remains a family-owned business dedicated to helping their customers find what they need for camping trips to emergency essentials to costumes. Today, the store is visited not only by outdoor enthusiasts and military veterans but also by schools and daycares in need of everyday goods as well as emergency supplies, students looking for backpacks, families assembling preparation kits, as well as everyday customers with a myriad of needs. Regardless of whether you need survival kits or are just looking for daily goods, our dedicated team offers exceptional customer service to help you. Even if you are unsure of your needs or what quality of goods you are looking for, ask one of our associates for help and advice. We look forward to helping you get what you need for any adventure.

We also feel very fortunate for playing such an important role in our community. As a way of giving back to our community and saying thanks, we give back through store donations and charity.

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