To Assemble the Perfect Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes…Come Into Our Store!

 last minute DIY Halloween costumesThe Surplus Store last minute DIY Halloween costumes!

Come to The Surplus Store for last minute DIY Halloween costumes! We have great costume ideas that you can put together at our store with ease. If you haven’t gathered any ideas so far, you can be assured that with our variety of costumes and uniforms, you can have a unique costume in no time. Being the largest surplus store in West Los Angeles, we are here to help you sift through our massive selection of outfits and accessories to help you with last minute DIY Halloween costumes.

DIY at The Surplus Store

When going about shopping for a Halloween costume, you have three options, buying an outfit at your local costume store, online, or putting your own creation together. If you buy it at a costume store you should be aware of a few things. First, the materials used in these outfits are almost always of terrible quality and do not allow your skin to breathe. Secondly, such outfits generally fit awkwardly and thus will not be used normally outside of a ‘costume’ setting. Lastly, outfits like this allow for virtually no customization or creativity.

Purchasing costumes online leaves you hoping that it fits or that it’ll look the same on you, as it does the professional models wearing it in the pictures. Putting a costume together at The Surplus Store will let you have more creative input over your outfit, while giving you an outfit of great quality that fits you perfectly, and an outfit that can be worn in everyday settings. That’s why we recommend that you come into our store instead of the other two options for last minute DIY Halloween costumes.

Put Together the Perfect Halloween Costumes

At the Surplus Store, we have 7,000 square feet filled with awesome items that you can combine to create a truly personal and unforgettable Halloween costume. Whether you want medical uniforms perfect for making original zombie outfits, coveralls and overalls for going as a demented axe killer, baseball hats of all colors, hunting outfits, and more, we have everything you need to truly make your costume one-of-a-kind.


Given that all of our items are of great quality, you can rest well knowing that your money will be well spent. Your Halloween costume will look amazing, and your outfit will be unforgettable. So come on by to 10341 Venice Blvd—before it’s too late!


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