Medical Uniforms, Pants, Jeans, Coveralls, Dickies, and More

Pants and Jeans

surplus store overallsOur pants and jeans are guaranteed to stand up to any task you throw at them, regardless of how hard. Whether you’re looking for a pair of Dickies for a job or need a new pair of jeans for everyday life, we’ve got you covered. We understand that pants and jeans need to be stylish as well as tough. We carry the best brands who are known to not rip within the first month of purchase. Among the high-quality pant and jeans brands we carry include Ben Davis, Dickies, Lee Jeans, Wrangler, Carhartt, and 5.11. We also specialize in carrying military-style pants, cargo pants, as well as pants suitable for members of law enforcement.

Coveralls and Overalls

From garden work to industrial jobs, our coveralls and overalls are terrific to wear whenever you want to do a particular task that gets you dirty. Although they protect most of your body, they remain comfortable and easy to move in, which makes it perfect for most labor workers. Equipped with plenty of pockets and compartments, our coveralls and overalls will be just what you need to get any job done.

Medical Uniforms

Regardless of whether you work in a hospital, dental lab, or doctor’s office, we have high quality medical uniforms and scrubs to make you look clean, professional, and ready for the task at hand. We understand jobs in the medical field can be grueling and comfort is priority, so we make sure each of our medical uniforms are up to our standards of quality. Many people who work in hospitals or doctor’s offices usually spend upwards to 14 hours a day in their medical uniforms, so we make sure our uniforms have the best breathable fabric and mobility. Even if you’re looking for a last minutes costume, our medical uniforms are great for the forgotten costume party. Our brands include Dickies medical clothing line.