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Rothco, the #1 Supplier of Tactical Goods and Commercial Military Gear

If you are looking for tactical gear, outdoor gear, or consumer military gear, Rothco Clothing provides some of the best gear available, and we are happy to be the number one place to find Rothco Clothing products in Los Angeles. Rothco is known for not only producing goods that are of high-quality but also for goods that are affordable. However, the problem with ordering from Rothco is that unless one has a wholesale license one has to make orders through a separate online licensed vendor.

In addition to this hassle, whenever you order goods online, you can never know for sure how an item will fit or feel. This is especially important when getting tactical gear, outdoor gear, or military gear—you want to know exactly how something fits or feels before you buy and use it! At The Surplus Store on Venice Blvd in West LA, we are thrilled to provide for you a wide selection of Rothco Clothing and gear at an excellent price.

Rothco Clothing – Long-Standing Military Clothing

Rothco was founded in Manhattan in 1953. Originally selling World War II surplus gear and used clothing, its operations soon expanded due to a dwindling supply of goods and an increase in demand. Rothco began manufacturing its own commercial military gear and tactical goods, and by the 1970s it became the largest supplier of military gear and clothing for public purchase. Although the designs and features of Rothco’s gear have changed over the years, the quality and affordability of its products have remained constant.

We are proud to carry a wide selection of Rothco tactical gear, outdoor gear, and military gear. Our massive inventory of Rothco goods includes:

  • hats
  • shorts
  • t-shirts
  • BDU pants, shorts, and BDU shorts
  • 550 cord (paracord)
  • sweaters
  • bags and pouches
  • jackets
  • belts
  • ranger vests
  • goggles
  • angle head flashlights
  • pistol belts and holsters
  • flight coveralls
  • white parade gloves
  • and much more!

And so, if you need any sort of tactical good or commercial military-related item, our Rothco inventory is an excellent place to look.