Customize Your Festival Wear for Burning Man

Customize Your Own Festival Wear For This Year's Burning Man

Customize Your Festival Wear for Burning Man

The Festival of the Year


In the vastness space of the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, a momentous occasion happens just once a year that requires extravagant and creative festival wear. The Burning Man Festival gathers thousands upon thousands of artists, enthusiasts, and venturers to erect a momentary metropolis based on the foundation of community, art, self-expression, and creativity. Held from Aug. 28-Sept. 5 this year, spectators at Burning Man will witness creative, experimental art and visuals, buildings, sculptures, performances, and music. It’s an event that has established itself as a place that encourages people to be oneself. Before you start your trek to the desert later this month, discover all the festival wear that you can piece together at The Surplus Store and put together the perfect Burning Man outfit with our affordable materials. First, let’s talk a little about the event that is Burning Man.

History of the Festival

In 1986 on a beach in San Francisco; Larry Harvey, his friend Jerry James, and a group of friends built an 8-foot tall-wooden man. They hauled it to Baker Beach to light it up on fire. Thus, Burning Man, a cultural experiment extravaganza was born. Thousands of people from around the country and the world come to this area in the desert to build a city and to express that hearts in each other. This artistic cultural event is influenced by 10 main principles: radical inclusion, community cooperation, self-expression, self-reliance, gifting, decommodification, immediacy, participation, civic responsibility and leaving no trace behind. These 10 principles are applied and expressed through six interconnected program areas: Arts, Civic Involvement, Social Enterprise, Education, Culture and Philosophical Center. It is organized by the nonprofit Burning Man Project.

The Burning Man Falls

This week-long event ends with the burning of a wooden man over 70 feet tall. The momentary metropolis is then torn down and stripped away. The thousands of artists and spectators have enjoyed a mesmerizing experience, perhaps forming new friends and encapsulating memories.

Find Your Costume at the Surplus Store


Ultimately, Burning Man is the ultimate art festival; packed with out-of-this-world attractions in the blazing hot weather. To go to the festival, you’ll need essential festival gear. With an excellent selection of camouflage, sand goggles, bandannas, boots, and clothes; anyone can assemble the perfect costume together for a very affordable price. Building the costume yourself with your own creativity is what the mentality of each attendee will be. At the Surplus Store, the Burning Man outfit that you piece together will be fashionable as well as useful. From our military jackets, uniforms, shorts, hats; everyone can obtain the proper festival wear with us. We can also help to make sure that you can survive the desert with canteens, sunblock, sand goggles, etc. You can find us at 10341 Venice Blvd.