The Survival Supplies You Need to Start the New Year

New Year

The Survival Supplies You Need to Start the New Year

With the New Year comes new ambitions, and with your upcoming adventures, it’s a good time to invest in some survival supplies. Hiking, camping, excursions to new places – these all involve you being exposed to the elements for a given amount of time. In doing any of the previous options, it’s good to have the supplies you need to keep you safe, nourished and ready for anything nature may throw your way. Here are a few essential survival supplies to have on hand going into the rest of 2019!

Something to Start a Fire

Utilizing a fire for warmth and food is something that humans have been doing for a LONG time, so proper tools for starting one safely are essential for survival situations. You have a few options when starting a fire that can be found in a kit: flint and something with a magnesium strip, matches or just a regular old lighter. Having available dry (and we repeat this, dry) tinder is exactly what you need to get your fire going. In a survival situation you don’t know how long you will be without contact with others, so having the ability to provide light, cook your food and keep yourself at a stable temperature will keep you safe until the situation changes.

A Trusty First Aid Kit

Injuries happen no matter where you are, but when you’re in a survival situation there’s very little chance a hospital is an easy trip away. Having a solid first aid kit that is completely stocked with the necessary bandages, gauze and sanitation supplies can be the difference between an immediate solution and a big problem. Considering the type of wildlife, foliage, or extreme situations that lie just outside of towns and cities, it’s best that you make this one a priority!

The Right Repellents

Knowing what types of wildlife you will be coming across on your journeys is a must. Your survival kit should have the basics ready, such as insect repellent (those pesky mosquitoes) but if you spend more time in mountainous areas it’s also good to be prepared for larger animals. When it comes to good repellent, it’s better to have it than to not!

Looking into New Year 2019

There is plenty more to have on hand when it comes to survival gear (special mention going out to a solid knife) but ultimately what you need is something to heal yourself, something to help you feed yourself and something to keep you safe from the elements. Nature is vast and often pretty wild, but with the right base kit and a few extras, you will be prepared should something happen! And for a great place to get some survival supplies for the New Year, why not try The Surplus Store? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for a look at some of our latest products and be prepared for your 2019 adventures!